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  EMISSION DU 19/03/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 feature reeling banishing ritual upset the rhythm

2 b boys energy dada captured tracks

3 buildings net waste you are not one of us antena krzyku

4 dead gurus serpent fire acid bench wrong way

5 virtual haze endless uninvited abstrakt muzak

5 jesuits hexx cloudhead gravy train

6 daikiri diablolo marcel supra et mon cul c´est du tofu?

6 bataille pity, which extends into the meat bataille army of bad luck

7 harvo jay nojzara sod od agonije autoproduction

8 totorro trop fort jéjé come to mexico recreation center

8 nyos haikara nature autoproduction

8 terminal cheesecake lazy liberace´s detached semi v/a: terminal cheesecake/anji cheung split god unknown

8 93millionmilesfromthesun without you near without you near white light

8 ghxst perish perish clan destine

8 dead gurus song for saraswati acid bench wrong way

8 buildings mouth gift you are not one of us antena krzyku

9 this heat horinzontal hold this heat piano

9 julie´s haircut deluge invocation and ritual dance of my demon twin rocket

10 viva cats! september 6th toutes griffes dehors autoproduction

10 ropoporose faceless man kernel, foreign moons yotanka

11 terminal cheesecake birds in 6/8 dandelion sauce of the ancients box

11 ze zorgs psychekraut live psychekraut live autoproduction

11 in zaire mercury white sun black sun tannen

12 bärlin giant´s tale emerald sky autoproduction

12 buildings mother nature you are not one of us antena krzyku

12 dead gurus black silk acid bench wrong way

Artiste: buildings
Album: you are not one of us
Label: antena krzyku

Artiste: dead gurus
Album: acid bench
Label: wrong way

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