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  EMISSION DU 03/07/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 tough tits hairless hairless frux tapes

2 crossed wires you´re standing on my neck v/a: creep wave / crossed wires split autoproduction

3 thee oh sees i come from the mountain live in san francisco castle face

4 soft gang beautiful human soft gang sophomore lounge

5 part chimp fffff thriller rock action

5 humanshapes iweas extremity parties autoproduction

6 deaf wish pain pain sub pop

6 the wayward lattice plutonic nerve altar

7 flyying colours it´s tomorrow now mindfulness club ac30

8 are sweet nancy are autoproduction

8 superworm gets the bird! sun song superworm gest the bird! autoproduction

8 jackal onasis runty little puppy big deal party exploding in sound

8 mush harvest ex-communiqué autoproduction

8 junkie hurl w/e ozona

8 thee oh sees tunnel time live in san francisco castle face

8 soft gang obviously know soft gang sophomore lounge

9 desert graves dreamcrusher morris hill autoproduction

9 pill 100% cute convenience mexican summer

9 jaune dark couple of days white night la belle sauvage

9 worm crown the means narcan autoproduction

10 the mary hart attack death comes with your eyes death comes with your eyes autoproduction

10 cocaine piss cosmic bullshit cosmic bullshit hypertension

10 terminal cheesecake bladdersack cheese brain fondue - en concert à l´embobineuse, marseille artficial head

11 icsis dark matter pierre vide eau la belle sauvage

11 lié failed visions truth or consequences monofonus press

11 flemmings stone circle shake well before use odd box

11 snakes don´t belong in alaska cosmic freakout! rituals #2 autoproduction

11 the cult of dom keller shambhala is on fire goodbye to the light fuzz club

11 thee oh sees gelatinous cube live in san francisco castle face

11 soft gang are you really hurt? soft gang sophomore lounge

Artiste: thee oh sees
Album: live in san francisco
Label: castle face

Artiste: soft gang
Album: soft gang
Label: sophomore lounge

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