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  EMISSION DU 07/06/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 big joanie dream number 9 sistah punk tuff enuff

2 ghost babes dream catcher graveyard demos autoproduction

3 shopping the wrong way urge surfing autoproduction

4 ut trick or treat noise deadening barrier marsiglia

5 deaf wish eyes closed easy pain sub pop

5 le prince harry electric eye v/a: duchess says/le prince harry split lp teenage menopause

6 mont-doré choristes escalades black basset

6 bloom rise rise b/w overflow autoproduction

7 bloom overflow rise b/w overflow autoproduction

8 bloom rise (remix) rise b/w overflow autoproduction

8 hunters slipping away drown autoproduction

8 peach kelli pop nude beach iii burger

8 räpe blossoms saturn ruinenlust labelman

8 girl band why they hide their bodies under my garage the early years rough trade

8 ut psychic seeds noise deadening barrier marsiglia

8 shopping everyman for herself urge surfing autoproduction

8 systematic death lewis (jeffrey) 12 crass songs rough trade

9 coffins the vacant pale vessel the fleshland relapse

9 shetahr kim young ill a sausage has 2 autoproduction

9 dead rider of one thousand chills on glass drag city

9 carsick cars invisible love you can listen you can talk maybe mars

9 lydia lunch love split with blood retrovirus ugexplode

9 zeus! set panzer to rock opera three one g

10 terrorizer dead small rise world downfall earache

10 mdc business on parade millions of dead cops alternative tentacles

10 destruction unit final flight deep trip sacred bones

10 ut this is not an exit noise deadening barrier marsiglia

10 shopping burnt wombs of the future urge surfing autoproduction

Artiste: shopping
Album: urge surfing
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: ut
Album: noise deadening barrier
Label: marsiglia


Artiste: bloom
Album: rise b/w overflow
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): rise / overflow / rise (remix)

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