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  EMISSION DU 28/12/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mixed infants shut the door maybe next time autoproduction

2 arndales the two hour horse of the year show dog hobbies usa in the red

3 bluffing i´ll go to sleep sugar coated pills of wisdom papercup music

4 multicult othello variable impulse sleeping giant glossolalia

5 drache referendum demo autoproduction

5 staer flashing teeth of brass daughters gaffer

6 suffering astrid necessity of solitude the winds are raging outside again ep entropic joy

6 asalto al parque zoologico loselovehandles hexadecimal casa del puente discos

6 kids of zoo a clean shave welcome to parrot eyes every night is a saturday night

6 the blind shake old lake breakfast of failures goner

8 september girls veneer veneer fortuna pop

8 itchy band look to the sky mass extinction autoproduction

8 niagara balls how to survive to a fairy tale balls of dead ii: the bloodening autoproduction

8 madeincanada no form no function v/a: ex wives / madeincanada split cheap satanism

8 multicult foreign object variable impulse sleeping giant glossolalia

8 bluffing tonka toy sugar coated pills of wisdom papercup music

8 viva cats! pigs toutes griffes dehors autoproduction

8 the delgados monica webster monica webster chemikal underground

8 emma pollock hug the harbour the law of the large numbers chemikal underground

9 angil and the hiddentracks in purdah oulipo saliva chemikal underground

9 radar bros. shoveling sons the singing hatchet chemikal underground

9 malcolm middleton week off sleight of heart chemikal underground

9 lord cut-glass you know lord cut-glass chemikal underground

9 the delgados strathcona slung domestiques chemikal underground

9 aereogramme post tour, pre-judgement a story in white chemikal underground

9 the phantom band left hand wave checkmate savage chemikal underground

9 cha cha cohen a=a all artists are criminals chemikal underground

10 sister vanilla down little pop rock chemikal underground

10 multicult expressionless variable impulse sleeping giant glossolalia

10 bluffing o.b.e. sugar coated pills of wisdom papercup music

Artiste: bluffing
Album: sugar coated pills of wisdom
Label: papercup music

Artiste: multicult
Album: variable impulse
Label: sleeping giant glossolalia

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