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  EMISSION DU 22/06/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 american cream teenage a.i. nathan old blackberry way

2 pypy pagan day pagan day slovenly

3 ex-cult ties you up midnight passenger goner

4 minot allostatic load equal / opposite golden antenna

5 ex-wives g.l.v.s. hoors autoproduction

5 la tentation nihiliste nothingness one year without sex ep autoproduction

6 draliensmith guth and zeno under songs autoproduction

6 ikara colt wanna be that way modern apprentice fantastic plastic

6 ikara colt day draws thin modern apprentice fantastic plastic

6 ikara colt automatic modern apprentice fantastic plastic

8 animal lover plasme guilt learning curve

8 the ex how thick you think how thick you think ex

8 khohd you sound like an ... khohd autoproduction

8 minot the left hand of darkness equal / opposite golden antenna

8 ex-cult venice illusion midnight passenger goner

8 hive bent fedora dyatlov ep new day rising

8 hawkeyes the howling damned poison slows you down meath tooth

8 the cosmic dead easterfaust pt. ii easterfaust sound of cobra

8 baguette why you came sexysexy123 autoproduction

9 tweens girlfriend tweens frenchkiss

9 clearance carte blanche carte blanche public house sound

9 minot white castle doctrine equal / opposite golden antenna

9 ex-cult not a threat midnight passenger goner

Artiste: minot
Album: equal / opposite
Label: golden antenna

Artiste: ex-cult
Album: midnight passenger
Label: goner


Artiste: ikara colt
Album: modern apprentice
Label: fantastic plastic
Track(s): wanna be that way / day draws thin / automatic

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