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  EMISSION DU 13/04/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 slint good morning, captain spiderland touch and go

2 working can´t wait for summer more weight autoproduction

3 bakelite azeriak azeriak borax ekoizpenak

4 fatalists stubborn weeds unwelded gamma proforma

5 bardo pond dragonfly refulgo three lobed

5 baby fire door of mercy - autoproduction

6 silent front mechanical grip trust function

6 jealousy mountain duo latino heaven n°_2 blunoise

6 alright the captain snake tits v/a: a cheery wave from stranded youngsters: uk post-rock / instrumental / math rock (volume five) a cheery wave

6 suns of thyme one song fortune, shelter, love and cure motor

8 suns of thyme blue phoenix tree fortune, shelter, love and cure motor

8 suns of thyme asato maa fortune, shelter, love and cure motor

8 girl band lawman lawman any other city

8 fatalists whispers in the yard unwelded gamma proforma

8 bakelite burua itzi azeriak borax ekoizpenak

8 white mystery white spiders telepathic autoproduction

8 hawks wrong hawks rejuvenation

8 the cosmic dead easterfaust pt. i easterfaust sound of cobra

8 fatalists iron boots unwelded gamma proforma

9 bakelite etorri da niregana azeriak borax ekoizpenak

Artiste: bakelite
Album: azeriak
Label: borax ekoizpenak

Artiste: fatalists
Album: unwelded
Label: gamma proforma


Artiste: suns of thyme
Album: fortune, shelter, love and cure
Label: motor
Track(s): one song / blue phoenix tree / asato maa

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