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  EMISSION DU 02/06/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 die! die! die! harmony harmony golden antenna

2 man or astro-man? defcon 5 defcon 5...4...3...2...1 communicating vessels

3 the fall sir william wray re-mit cherry red

4 scout niblett can´t fool me now it´s up to emma drag city

5 dial on game western front ektro

5 waxahatchee blue pt. ii cerulean salt don giovanni

6 30,000 monkies amazones somewhere over the painbow autoproduction

6 1994! apologetically american fuck it autoproduction

6 primitives thru the flowers [original version) thru the flowers - the anthology cherry red

6 bmx bandits one big heart v/a: creation unreleased sampler creation

8 14 iced bears come get me in the beginning slumberland

8 queer´d science vaginal wrath queer´d science - "wrench" / year of birds - "jaws" / split 12" one c

8 the fall no respects rev. re-mit cherry red

8 scout niblett second chance dreams it´s up to emma drag city

8 the blind shake go go 78 the blind shake 7" sweet rot

8 térébenthine double zéro térébenthine ocinatas industries

8 the black angels black isn´t black indigo meadow blue horizon

8 mugstar inearth axis agitated

8 death cassettes all the time ghost party autoproduction

8 cripple and casino not you with high regards moonlee

9 adolina contrôler et sévir caldeira a tant rêver du roi

9 bardo pond lord of light v/a: in search of hawkwind critical mass

9 buke and gase hiccup general dome brassland

9 scout niblett woman and man it´s up to emma drag city

9 the fall jetplane re-mit cherry red

Artiste: the fall
Album: re-mit
Label: cherry red

Artiste: scout niblett
Album: it´s up to emma
Label: drag city


Artiste: primitives
Album: thru the flowers - the anthology
Label: cherry red
Track(s): thru the flowers [original version)

Artiste: bmx bandits
Album: v/a: creation unreleased sampler
Label: creation
Track(s): one big heart

Artiste: 14 iced bears
Album: in the beginning
Label: slumberland
Track(s): come get me

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