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  EMISSION DU 28/04/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the earth earth surrender dead matador´s funeral dead funny

2 psychic blood drrrty drrrty 7" nerve hold

3 white mystery white spiders telepathic autoproduction

4 clarkys bacon dinner 4 2 grrr! superfantastic breakdown blunoise

5 dalstroy skin and templer transarktik autoproduction

5 scout niblett gun it´s up to emma drag city

6 nod off song #8 ep#1 rock´n´roll masturbation

6 the liminanas la fille de la ligne 15 la fille de la ligne 15 trouble in mind

6 siamese queens the end is the new pink rehearsal sessions ep autoproduction

6 electric electric neutra tantra discipline africantape

8 white mystery live to hunt telepathic autoproduction

8 martianmartian exam martianmartian so many animal calls

8 big´n like a killer spare the horses africantape

8 clarkys bacon linker n´-rhein grrr! superfantastic breakdown blunoise

8 valerinne aphelion/perhelion kunstformen der natur asiluum

8 nicoffeine bread & bitter gloriole lighthealer stalking flashplayer blunoise

8 l´autre philippe ca résonne fort en moi a ma fenêtre willpi label limited

8 cripple and casino f 23 with high regards moonlee

8 novella you´re not that cool novella e/p italian beach babes

8 white mystery break a sweat telepathic autoproduction

9 clarkys bacon abrazzo grrr! superfantastic breakdown blunoise

Artiste: white mystery
Album: telepathic
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: clarkys bacon
Album: grrr! superfantastic breakdown
Label: blunoise

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