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  EMISSION DU 13/01/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the men ex-dreams open your heart sacred bones

2 martyr privates bless martyr privates 7" bon voyage

3 bnnt congolese rebel leader thomas lubanga recruiting children _ _ qulturap

4 jessica bailiff your ghost is not enough (be with me) at the down-turned jagged rim of the sky kranky

5 stag seriously get used to it disembraining

5 keiki hiroshima nagasaki popcorn from the grave cheap satanism

6 dreamdecay i fern nuestra luenga

6 lyca sleep sold me a ride sold me a ride genepool

6 lyca sleep closer in closer in genepool

6 lyca sleep inches of air closer in genepool

8 low amethyst the invisible way sub pop

8 jessica bailiff take me to the sun (so warm, so ready) at the down-turned jagged rim of the sky kranky

8 bnnt explosion at the football stadium in city of grozny, killing the chechen republic mufti - akhmat kadyrov _ _ qulturap

8 hetroertzen incinerating illumination exaltation of wisdom - through light towards chaos lamech

8 le singe blanc gru aoûtat whosbrain

8 lock up live of devastation necropolis transparent nuclear blast

8 conan hawk as weapon monnos burning world

8 taake manndaudsvinter helnorsk svartmetall perverted taste

8 james chance and the contorsions dish it out v/a: no new york antille

8 cortez el vetic initial radar swarm

9 siamese queens mona lisa the first siamese queens ep autoproduction

9 don vito webb2.0 iv tremor panda

9 child bite wrong flesh monomania joyful noise

9 hey colossus the drang rrr riot season

9 bnnt child soldiers of congo _ _ qulturap

9 jessica bailiff slowly (show me) at the down-turned jagged rim of the sky kranky

Artiste: jessica bailiff
Album: at the down-turned jagged rim of the sky
Label: kranky

Artiste: bnnt
Album: _ _
Label: qulturap


Artiste: lyca sleep
Album: closer in
Label: genepool
Track(s): closer in / inches of air

Artiste: lyca sleep
Album: sold me a ride
Label: genepool
Track(s): sold me a ride

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