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  EMISSION DU 09/09/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 buildings i don´t love my dog anymore melt cry sleep cash cow

2 god bows to math blues for blind lemon god bows to math muzai

3 keiki hiroshima nagasaki popcorn from the grave cheap satanism

4 cannibales & vahinés 2-2-3 fridges nowhere tractor notown

5 the liminanas betty and johnny crystal anis hozac

5 a winged victory for the sullen we played some open chords and rejoiced, for the earth had circled the sun yet another year a winged victory for the sullen erased tapes

6 ether island black wind way season of risk 7" not not fun

6 caspar brötzmann massaker hunter song black axis marat

6 teenage sin taste lights out almost transparent blue 15 degrees

6 the forks xxxx 6 autoproduction

8 hey lover let me kill an arab hey lover hovercraft

8 peter kernel the peaceful white death & black heart africantape

8 evangelista artificial lamb in animal tongue constellation

8 keiki the killing cure popcorn from the grave cheap satanism

8 cannibales & vahinés strange fruit nowhere tractor notown

8 zoikle illusies 1 illusies 7" tractor notown

8 mice parade double dolphins on the nickel england vs france fat cat

8 mugstar today is the wrong shape ...sun, broken... important

8 fordamage thank you volta desviada kythibong

8 cannibales & vahinés night and day nowhere tractor notown

9 keiki pies & popcorn popcorn from the grave cheap satanism

Artiste: keiki
Album: popcorn from the grave
Label: cheap satanism

Artiste: cannibales & vahinés
Album: nowhere
Label: tractor notown

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