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  EMISSION DU 03/06/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 future of the left i am the least of your problems the plot against common sense xtra mile

2 sswampzz scavenger hunt sleeper miscreant

3 silver dapple give me grace english girlfriend forchristsake

4 the underground youth silhouette delirium fuzz club

5 friend collector arousing the prejudice friend collector terra firma

5 supersonic piss choke yourself awake v/a: supersonic piss/the liz cassette : garbage life"/ "flower from the north" autoproduction

6 pelican taraxis ataraxia/taraxis southern lord

6 chausse trappe face a part i 420m3 - 37´14" kythibong

6 cafeteria dance fever satanic hyena where´s my bleach? (7") hovercraft

6 katadreuffe conquer cancer period narrominded

8 lee ranaldo waiting on a dream between the times and the tides matador

8 the underground youth persona delirium fuzz club

8 silver dapple two by two english girlfriend forchristsake

8 arabrot solar anus solar anus fysisk format

8 fordamage thank you volta desviada kythibong

8 tera melos a new uniform/patagonia patagonian rats sargent house

8 mutiny on the bounty go hide your neck danger mouth big scary monsters

8 tang run & run & die dynamite drug diamond twist and shout

8 reverend deadeye let his children out of bondage the trials & tribulations of reverend deadeye hazelwood vinyl plastics

8 krunzenshtern i parohod piratskaja v/a: vialka/kruzenshtern i parohod (split cd) auris media

9 vialka usaisamonster v/a: vialka/kruzenshtern i parohod (split cd) auris media

9 ides of gemini austrian windows constantinople neurot

9 the underground youth before the night falls delirium fuzz club

9 silver dapple ostriches english girlfriend forchristsake

Artiste: silver dapple
Album: english girlfriend
Label: forchristsake

Artiste: the underground youth
Album: delirium
Label: fuzz club

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