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  EMISSION DU 01/01/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lumerians melting space transmalinnia knitting factory

2 noem fever dreams panzer this charming man

3 russian circles 309 empros sargent house

4 petula clarck dededin instinction none

5 petula clarck yazoulk instinction none

5 zun zun egui fandango fresh katang bella union

6 the voices i´ll always be within you the sound of young america my kung fu

6 oxbow angel bow king of jews hydra head

6 the the fall monocard ersatz g.b. cherry red

6 noem labyrinth panzer this charming man

8 russian circles atackla empros sargent house

8 lumerians hashshashin transmalinnia knitting factory

8 isolated from exterior time stay here & stay alert magik markers arbitrary signs

8 yellow6 norwest passage (plane a rium session) merry6mas2010 editions6

8 k-branding blurred vision alliance humpty dumpty

8 zoft shramana electrically haunted humpty dumpty

8 gnod tony´s first communion in gnod we trust rocket

Artiste: lumerians
Album: transmalinnia
Label: knitting factory

Artiste: russian circles
Album: empros
Label: sargent house

Artiste: noem
Album: panzer
Label: this charming man

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