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  EMISSION DU 03/07/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 gypsyblood in our blood cold in the guestway sargent house

2 ex-civilians there are no new sensations excuses autoproduction

3 k-holes native tongues k-holes hozac

4 pord brenda´s sheets valparaiso rejuvenation

5 white hills the conditions of nothing h-p1 thrill jockey

5 the duke spirit cuts across the land cuts across the land loog

6 kids on a crime spree to mess with dynamite we love you so bad slumberland

6 ema anteroom past life martyred saints souterrain transmissions

6 throat stampede licked inch fur verdura

6 mlu - (untitled track #3) v/a: mlu/the new flesh split 12" human conduct

8 pontiak part iv comecrudos ep thrill jockey

8 per purpose that´s respite heil progress 7" bedroom suck

8 puberty parties invitations 7" telephone explosion

8 k-holes werewolf with a tan k-holes hozac

8 pord my heroin valparaiso rejuvenation

8 dananaykroyd 1993 hey everyone! best before

8 13 & god armored scarves own your ghost anticon

8 stupeflip ce petit blouson en daim the hypnoflip invasion etic system

8 les savy fav appetites root for ruin wichita

8 kylesa don´t look back spiral shadow season of mist

9 cloud control death cloud bliss release infectious

9 airship algebra algebra pias

9 two gallants reflections of the marionette two gallants saddle creek

9 syd matters river sister brotherocean because music

9 the bewitched hands work birds & drums sony

9 pord sunday´s girl valparaiso rejuvenation

9 k-holes into black k-holes hozac

Artiste: k-holes
Album: k-holes
Label: hozac

Artiste: pord
Album: valparaiso
Label: rejuvenation

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