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  EMISSION DU 19/12/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 brain flannel restraining order tape statuestory tapes

2 shannon wright violent colors secret blood vicious circle

3 cacaw my fork, your flesh cacaw permanent

4 white drugs dmt gold magic kunstwaffe

5 shrag a certain violence life! death! prizes! where it´s at is where you are

5 aucan iena aucan africantape

6 the thermals i don´t believe you personal life kill rock stars

6 cove rock at the dada station show me your nature unlabel

6 berline0.33 hoopladder flying above scarecrows l´antichambre

6 white noise sound sunset white noise sound alive

8 microfilm the bay of future passed the bay of future passed head

8 white drugs drug submarine gold magic kunstwaffe

8 cacaw final mother cacaw permanent

8 heirs fowl fowl denovali

8 fatalists freeze on the spot between the aisles gramma proforma

8 the vaselines the devil´s inside me sex with an x sub pop

8 trumans water since yesterday o zeta zunis asthmatic kitty

8 the liminanas je ne suis pas très drogue the liminanas trouble in mind

8 monotonix i can´t take it anymore where were you when it happened drag city

8 lucertulas carlo´s night the brawl robotradio/macina dischi

9 jesus is my son le chemin de croix - station 4 je suis dieu ff hhh

9 a place to bury strangers tried to hide v/a: the psychedelic sounds of the sonic cathedral - a tribute to roky erickson and the 13th floor elevators sonic cathedral

9 cacaw die don´t doh cacaw permanent

9 white drugs untitled gold magic kunstwaffe

9 black math horseman bird of all faiths and none-bell from madrone wyllt tee pee

Artiste: white drugs
Album: gold magic
Label: kunstwaffe

Artiste: cacaw
Album: cacaw
Label: permanent

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