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  EMISSION DU 14/11/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 white noise sound sunset white noise sound alive

2 k-branding nubian heat facial humpty dumpty

3 white mystery powerglove white mystery autoproduction

4 aids wolf teaching to suffer march to the sea skin graft

5 saturday´s kids spider legs saturday´s kids 7' art for blind

5 the black angels sunday afternoon phosphene dream blue horizon

6 ox scapula taking liberties hands out art for blind

6 bivouac abc derby & joan elemental

6 bivouac me, ted & charles derby & joan elemental

6 bivouac two sticks derby & joan elemental

8 don vito vidar zuhause iv tremor panda

8 the the third eye foundation anhedonia the dark ici d´ailleurs

8 traffico deer vs. headlights v/a: archipelagos honest house

8 aids wolf catholic for rent march to the sea skin graft

8 white mystery lions of tsavo white mystery autoproduction

8 baby fire dark ages - autoproduction

8 lushus plastic barefoot katzwijm

8 action beat safe the noise band from bletchley truth cult

8 graceland the tramway - autoproduction

8 aids wolf very friendly march to the sea skin graft

9 white mystery respect yourself white mystery autoproduction

Artiste: white mystery
Album: white mystery
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: aids wolf
Album: march to the sea
Label: skin graft

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