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  EMISSION DU 17/10/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 didier super j´ai pas trouvé de titre à celle-là ben quoi? universal

2 liars the overachievers sisterworld mute

3 no age fever dreaming everything in between sub pop

4 lali puna rest your head our inventions morr music

5 veins the thrill of utter defeat veins (cassette) youth attack

5 quintron & miss pussycat fly like a rat swamp tech tigerbeat6

6 souvaris hello, antelope v/a: clown jazz (souvaris & sincabeza split) gringo

6 beautiful happiness something sonic v/a: my cheree amour cheree

6 whipping boy sugar i swear v/a: my cheree amour cheree

6 bark psychosis i know v/a: my cheree amour cheree

8 ortigas the right one - autoproduction

8 lushus plastic barefoot katzwijm

8 baby fire bones soup bones soup autoproduction

8 joe lally all must pay there to here dischord

8 don vito banana iv tremor panda

8 lali puna everything is always our inventions morr music

8 no age valley hump crash everything in between sub pop

8 the ex 24 problems catch my choe ex

8 rorcal ataraxia myrra, mordvynn, marayaa thundering

8 sister iodine napalmee flame desastre 12' premier sang

9 demons

9 no age shred and transcend everything in between sub pop

9 lali puna out there our inventions morr music

Artiste: lali puna
Album: our inventions
Label: morr music

Artiste: no age
Album: everything in between
Label: sub pop

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