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  EMISSION DU 26/09/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 steel pole bath tub twist scars from falling down slash

2 the black angels phosphene dream phosphene dream blue horizon

3 ventura with ifs we recruit africantape

4 part chimp ffff thriller rock action

5 this will destroy you rituals moving on the edges of things magic bullet

5 shellac the end of radio excellent italian greyhound touch and go

6 pinkshinyultrablast deerland happy songs for happy zombies odd box

6 the telescopes i fall, she screams taste cheree

6 the telescopes please, before you go taste cheree

6 the telescopes suicide taste cheree

8 baby fire bones soup bones soup autoproduction


8 godspeed you! black emperor motherfucker = redeemer yanqui u.x.o. constellation

8 ventura i always said he was weird we recruit africantape

8 vitamin wig c hawaiian liberace dawn adults autoproduction

8 arab strap screaming in the trees the red thread chemikal underground

8 television personalities a family affair and don´t the kids just love it rough trade

8 the seeds pushin´too hard pushin´too hard gnp crescendo

8 daphnièle vive les vacances vive les vacances autoproduction

8 graceland breakfast girl - autoproduction

9 ventura demons we recruit africantape

Artiste: ventura
Album: we recruit
Label: africantape

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