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  EMISSION DU 25/04/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the fall free range code:selfish cog-sinister

2 bipolar bear manbase manbase 7" labil

3 broken water say what´s on your mind whet night people

4 room 204 bar diving balloons kythibong

5 magnetix hta-tnt positively negative born bad

5 serena-maneesh reprobate! s-m 2: abyss in b minor 4ad

6 enablers the achievement tundra majic wallet

6 dum dum girls lines her eyes i will be sub pop

6 room 204 patrickswayze balloons kythibong

6 broken water heal whet night people

8 the ex state of shock scrabbling at the lock ex

8 graceland porn movies ep autoproduction

8 quiet mistaken the grammar of night autoproduction

8 alan vega every 1´s a winner saturn trip elektra

8 petula clarck rikiki´s favourite aye-aye-aye none

8 claude forier je veux que tu me revienne(s) je veux que tu me revienne(s) gloria

8 zu soulympics carboniferous ipecac

8 joli-joli foreign exchange one morning inside my livid room kissmyrecords

8 enablers the record end note neurot

8 tv buddhas headache party first ep (or the fat guy and the maiden) fitw

9 sonic youth making the nature scene (live 1983) - -

9 room 204 hey friendly j.! balloons kythibong

9 broken water kamilche house whet night people

Artiste: room 204
Album: balloons
Label: kythibong

Artiste: broken water
Album: whet
Label: night people

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