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  EMISSION DU 28/02/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the fall hot cake (part 2) slippy floor action

2 bo ningen koroshitai kimochi koroshitai kimochi 10" stolen

3 rso wonder why row parkway steel

4 the mercury program chez viking chez viking lovitt

5 dethscalator you know nothing about caring and martial art v/a: hey colossus vs dethscalator 12" black labs/riot season

5 frank shinobi la marque du prophète a little less more honest house

6 dd/mm/yyyy no life black square we are busy bodies

6 russian circles geneva geneva suicide squeeze

6 hey! tonal skitch hey! tonal africantape

6 atari teenage riot revolution action 1992-2000 digital hardcore

8 frankie rose thee only one thee only one slumberland

8 liars drip sisterworld mute

8 rso sell yourself row parkway steel

8 sleep talker niklaas thinks aloud v/a: sampler #8 dead bees

8 useless keys white noise v/a: sampler #8 dead bees

8 haze parade cut and clear v/a: sampler #9 dead bees

8 cobson rubbish v/a: sampler #9 dead bees

8 paul dillon cleaners v/a: sampler #8 dead bees

8 the left outsides unopened letters v/a: sampler #8 dead bees

8 nils fram body - atelier musiek

9 balmorhea settler all is wild, all is silent western vinyl

9 spindrift a celebration of the human body v/a: sampler #9 dead bees

9 sky parade lonely alibis v/a: sampler #9 dead bees

9 rso break down row parkway steel

Artiste: rso
Album: row
Label: parkway steel

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