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  EMISSION DU 10/01/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the moi non plus where is everything the moi non plus subbacultcha

2 agaskodo teliverek 30000 lightyears old psycho goulash midfinger

3 the warlocks red camera the mirror explodes tee pee

4 fordamage monosourcil belgian tango kythibong

5 melt-banana loop nebula initial t. 7" init

5 om thebes god is good drag city

6 hey! tonal kcraze v/a: africantape/sickroom sampler 2009 africantape/sickroom

6 black rebel motorcycle club 666 conducer baby 81 rca/island

6 dum dum girls put a sock in it yours alone 12" ep captured tracks

6 heavy trash (sometimes you got to be) gentle midnight soul serenade fat possum

8 the warlocks you make me wait the mirror explodes tee pee

8 keiki lottie johl waltham holy cross cheap satanism

8 big bear song 15 under the beach autoproduction

8 subarachnoid space hunter seeker eight bells crucial blast

8 usssy sullen rebirth usssy r.a.i.g.

8 comanechi naked crime of love merok

8 the warlocks frequency meltdown the mirror explodes tee pee

8 meny hellkin satan´s discotheque v/a: the ax/meny hellkin international split 7" hovercraft

Artiste: the warlocks
Album: the mirror explodes
Label: tee pee

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