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  EMISSION DU 25/10/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 a place to bury strangers lost feeling exploding head mute

2 part chimp trad thriller rock action

3 vivian girls i have no fun everything goes wrong in the red

4 pre haircut, tacos hope freaks skin graft

5 berline0.33 magic bus berline0.33 vocation

5 montreal on fire black table decline & fall lacrymal

6 white hills dead dead ep thrill jockey

6 bilge pump the rise and fall of alpha male rupert the sky gringo

6 magik markers the lighter side of... hippies balf quarry drag city

6 haymarket riot chasing endurance endless bummer divot

8 evangelista you are jaguar prince of truth constellation

8 the germans lalaliar elf shot lame witch autoproduction

8 keiki lottie johl waltham holy cross cheap satanism

8 pre why be wives hope freaks skin graft

8 vivian girls tension everything goes wrong in the red

8 the czars paint the moon goodbye bella union

8 io monade stanca abete 43211234 the impossible story of bubu africantape

8 bikini atoll secret filming liar's exit bella union

8 the conformists quality v/a: africantape/sickroom sampler 2009 sick room/africantape

8 laura veirs icebound stream carbon glacier bella union

9 dÿse treppe lieber sind brüder der revolution exile on mainstream

9 mandarin the beginning hides the end fast>future>present bella union

9 schnaak roly poly blissdeer women on ships are bad luck discorporate

9 midlake some of them were superstitious bamnan and slivercork bella union

9 graffen volder - - autoproduction

9 the dears the death of all the romance no cities left bella union

9 pre sleep walk hope freaks skin graft

9 vivian girls out for the sun everything goes wrong in the red

Artiste: vivian girls
Album: everything goes wrong
Label: in the red

Artiste: pre
Album: hope freaks
Label: skin graft

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