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  EMISSION DU 04/10/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the vandelles bomb the surf del black aloha safranin

2 mogwai batcat the hawk is howling pias

3 a place to bury strangers lost feeling exploding head mute

4 bardo pond karwan peri three lobed

5 dÿse festung lieder sind brüder der revolution exile on mainstream

5 loop 16 dreams world in your eyes reactor

6 loop spinning world in your eyes reactor

6 loop burning world world in your eyes reactor

6 pelican embedding the moss ephemeral southern lord

6 casse brique rideau disco glumor honest house

8 foxes in boxes sonic cities better be added honest house

8 montreal on fire black table decline & fall lacrymal

8 part chimp ffff thriller rock action

8 bardo pond the path peri three lobed

8 a place to bury strangers ego death exploding head mute

8 om meditations is the practice of death god is good drag city

8 future of the left arming eritrea travels with myself and another 4ad

8 hope sandoval & the warm inventions blue bird through the devil softly nettwerk

8 the thermals when we were alive now we can see kill rock stars

8 bardo pond chicken gun peri three lobed

9 a place to bury strangers i live my life to stand in the shadow of your heart exploding head mute

Artiste: a place to bury strangers
Album: exploding head
Label: mute

Artiste: bardo pond
Album: peri
Label: three lobed


Artiste: loop
Album: world in your eyes
Label: reactor
Track(s): 16 dreams / spinning / burning world


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