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  EMISSION DU 07/12/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 magik markers axis mundi boss ecstatic peace!

2 don caballero awe man that's jive punkgasm relapse

3 magik markers body rot boss ecstatic peace!

4 serena-maneesh blues like beehive ii (la observatory mix) sm backwards smalltown supersound

5 jesus lizard the art of self-defense liar touch and go

5 kimya dawson louie alphabutt k

6 the magnetic fields three-way distortion nonesuch

6 the magnetic fields california girls distortion nonesuch

6 the magnetic fields the nun's litany distortion nonesuch

6 modey lemon milk moustache season of sweets birdman

8 part chimp new cross cup monitor

8 all girl summer fun band plastic toy dream looking into it agsfb music

8 the thermals our trip fuckin a sub pop

8 windy & carl my love songs for the broken hearted kranky

8 serena-maneesh drive me home the lonely nights (original mix) sm backwards smalltown supersound

8 icu inner space v/a: spank me more records spank me more

8 mogwai scotland's shame the hawk is howling wall of sound

8 these arms are snakes cavity carousel tail swallower and dove suicide squeeze

8 pentark the silence of mystery v/a: spank me more records spank me more

8 the black angels you on the run directions to see a ghost light in the attic

8 agatha 16 things i like getting dressed for a death metal party wallace

9 serena-maneesh oxygen, please! (original vinyl dark side mix) sm backwards smalltown supersound

9 doctor and nurse pretty pretty pretty me(n)tal hospital autoproduction

Artiste: serena-maneesh
Album: sm backwards
Label: smalltown supersound


Artiste: the magnetic fields
Album: distortion
Label: nonesuch
Track(s): three-way / california girls / the nun's litany


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