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  EMISSION DU 19/10/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 blood on the wall go go go liferz the social registry

2 the pyramids piblokoto the pyramids domino

3 motorama black & white psychotronic is the beat! radiation

4 the magnetix keeper shop you are the one, baby evilution

5 awesome color eyes of light electric aborigines ecstatic peace!

5 bailter space splat wammo matador

6 bailter space zapped wammo matador

6 bailter space retro wammo matador

6 aids wolf general cities of glass skin graft

6 lite ghost dance phantasia transduction

8 the germans lalaliar elf shot lame witch autoproduction

8 valet we went there naked acid kranky

8 doctor and nurse broken ribs - (untitled cd demo 2 tracks) autoproduction

8 motorama i do as i like psychotronic is the beat! radiation

8 grails doomsdayer's holiday doomsdayer's holiday temporary residence ltd

8 mogwai scotland's shame the hawk is howling wall of sound

8 experience une larme dans un verre d'eau nous (en) sommes encore là boxson

8 the dirtbombs it's not fun until they see you cry we have you surrounded in the red

8 mechanism for people maladjusted lines v/a: #1 kokalane

8 motorama damaged goods psychotronic is the beat! radiation

Artiste: motorama
Album: psychotronic is the beat!
Label: radiation


Artiste: bailter space
Album: wammo
Label: matador
Track(s): splat / zapped / retro


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