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  EMISSION DU 25/05/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 no age brain burner nouns sub pop

2 jucifer behind every great man l'autrichienne relapse

3 grey daturas beyond and into the ultimate return to disruption neurot

4 duchess says aeae anthologie des 3 perchoirs alien8

5 charlottefield beatings what are friends for fat cat

5 red sparowes the great leap forward poured down upon us one day like a mighty storm, suddenly and furiously blinding our senses. every red heart shines toward the red sun neurot

6 ultraphallus where it grows the clever autoproduction

6 skywave die for one more day took the sun cherry coated

6 skywave girlfriend's dead echodrone cherry coated

6 skywave angela's an angel synthstatic alison

8 pelican these arms are pink mammoths after the ceiling cracked - bonus 3" cd hydra head

8 rencontrez l´amour mr. dandruff born of punk and reverb emma

8 the dirtbombs it's not fun until they see you cry we have you surrounded in the red

8 duchess says melon anthologie des 3 perchoirs alien8

8 grey daturas answered in the negative return to disruption neurot

8 evangelista hello, voyager! hello, voyager constellation

8 the pyramids white disc of sun the pyramids domino

8 pissed jeans fantasy world hope for men sub pop

8 shipping news axons and dendrites flies the fields quarterstick

8 the intelligence secret signals deuteronomy in the red

8 om pilgrimage reprise pilgrimage southern lord

9 duchess says ch.o.b. anthologie des 3 perchoirs alien8

9 grey daturas neuralgia return to disruption neurot

9 a place to bury strangers ocean a place to bury strangers killer pimp

Artiste: duchess says
Album: anthologie des 3 perchoirs
Label: alien8

Artiste: grey daturas
Album: return to disruption
Label: neurot


Artiste: skywave
Album: synthstatic
Label: alison
Track(s): angela's an angel

Artiste: skywave
Album: echodrone
Label: cherry coated
Track(s): girlfriend's dead

Artiste: skywave
Album: took the sun
Label: cherry coated
Track(s): die for one more day

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