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  EMISSION DU 20/04/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the two tears one black glove little tea simple social graces

2 blood red shoes doens't matter much box of secrets v2

3 the fall wolf kidult man imperial wax solvent castle

4 stars of the lid dungtitled (in a major) and their refinement of the decline kranky

5 duchess says ccut up noviçiat mère perruche summer lovers unlimited

5 ash jack names the planets trailer infectious

6 ash get out trailer infectious

6 ash obscura thing trailer infectious

6 65daysofstatic wax futures the destruction of small ideas monotreme

6 gregor samsa the adolescent rest own

8 the kills hook and line midnight boom domino

8 sebadoh sister bubble & scrape city slang

8 k-branding machism system das ding ff hhh

8 the fall tommy shooter imperial wax solvent castle

8 stars of the lid another ballad for heavy lids and their refinement of the decline kranky

8 old time relijun dark matter catharsis in crisis k

8 daturah warmachines daturah graveface

8 picastro hortur whore luck polyvinyl

8 the fall senior twilight stock replacer imperial wax solvent castle

8 this will destroy you they move on tracks of never-ending light this will destroy you magic bullet

Artiste: the fall
Album: imperial wax solvent
Label: castle

Artiste: stars of the lid
Album: and their refinement of the decline
Label: kranky


Artiste: ash
Album: trailer
Label: infectious
Track(s): jack names the planets / get out / obscura thing


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