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  EMISSION DU 06/04/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the two tears one black glove little tea simple social graces

2 magik markers body rot boss ecstatic peace!

3 prinzhorn dance school black bunker prinzhorn dance school dfa

4 gregor samsa the adolescent rest own

5 blood red shoes doens't matter much box of secrets v2

5 the breeders glorious pod 4ad

6 the breeders when i was a painter pod 4ad

6 the breeders fortunately gone pod 4ad

6 the creeping nobodies lockstep v/a: the creeping nobodies & miranda split cd fromscratch

6 the razorblades looking for adventure shake your pony tails! 7" general schallplatten

8 k-branding instinct, you call me das ding ff hhh

8 liars plaster casts of everything liars mute

8 pissed jeans secret admirer hope for men sub pop

8 gregor samsa ain leuh rest own

8 prinzhorn dance school hamworthy sports and leisure prinzhorn dance school dfa

8 rothko say something to someone eleven stages of intervention bip_hop

8 future of the left the lord hates coward curses too pure

8 agatha three night stand getting dressed for a death metal party wallace

8 doctor and nurse broken ribs - (untitled 2 tracks demo) autoproduction

8 gura muchos machos muertos v/a: gura/marsh harrier/airun split cd autoproduction

8 be your own pet twisted nerve get awkward ecstatic peace!

9 this will destroy you villa del rufugio (town of refuge) this will destroy you magic bullet

9 gregor samsa du meine leise rest own

9 prinzhorn dance school spaceman in your garden prinzhorn dance school dfa

9 bear claw stubborn agenda slow speed: deep owls sickroom

Artiste: prinzhorn dance school
Album: prinzhorn dance school
Label: dfa

Artiste: gregor samsa
Album: rest
Label: own


Artiste: the breeders
Album: pod
Label: 4ad
Track(s): glorious / when i was a painter / fortunately gone


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