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  EMISSION DU 06/01/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 miss alex white and the red orchestra squeaky clean space & time in the red

1 baby control young love/youth troll best war ache

3 next exit to nowhere the tiger and the zucchini the tiger and the zucchini interstellar

4 black francis you can't break a heart and have it bluefinger cooking vinyl

5 37500 yens 37501 astero distile

5 the spells the age of backwards the age of backwards k

6 mary timony dungeon dance mountains matador

6 mary timony hard times are hard! ex hex lookout!

6 enon those who don't blink grass geysers... carbon clouds touch and go

6 mute sundays postrectum autoproduction

8 on fire down below on celebrate psiphenomenon

8 fleeting joys patron saint despondent transponder only forever

8 the black angels young men dead passover light in the attic

8 the raveonettes dead sound lust lust lust fierce panda

8 next exit to nowhere tsunami fuzz station the tiger and the zucchini interstellar

8 clinic the scythe funf domino

8 the warlocks moving mountains heavy deavy skull lover tee pee

8 hey lover i've got to get you home hey lover hovercraft

8 boyracer he told you flickering b+w 555

8 frank shinobi frank shinobi hotesse de l'air ibonishkanrf s.a.m.

8 om unitive knowledge of the godhead pilgrimage southern lord

9 next exit to nowhere love is a sweet melody the tiger and the zucchini interstellar

Artiste: next exit to nowhere
Album: the tiger and the zucchini
Label: interstellar


Artiste: the spells
Album: the age of backwards
Label: k
Track(s): the age of backwards

Artiste: mary timony
Album: ex hex
Label: lookout!
Track(s): hard times are hard!

Artiste: mary timony
Album: mountains
Label: matador
Track(s): dungeon dance


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