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  EMISSION DU 23/12/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 on fire down below on celebrate psiphenomenon

1 the warlocks zombie like lovers heavy deavy skull lover tee pee

3 baby control best war best war ache

4 boyracer i don't want to see you smile flickering b+w 555

5 zelienople moss man his hers type

5 37500 yens 37501 astero distile

6 clinic magic boots funf domino

6 amp left it (too late) all of yesterday tomorrow rroopp

6 p.j. harvey snake the peel sessions 1991-2004 island

6 psychic ills killers early violence the social registry

8 vandal x jacobs wife two man army labelman

8 doctor and nurse broken ribs - (untitled 2 tracks demo) autoproduction

8 destroyalldreamers automne wish i was all flames where are my

8 boyracer time for turmoil flickering b+w 555

8 baby control witchy ways best war ache

8 kinski silent biker type don't below it's chaos sub pop

8 stereo total miss rebellion des hormones paris berlin disko b

8 hey lover wishing well hey lover hovercraft

8 bear claw distant apology slow speed: deep owls sickroom

8 xbxrx center where sight wars polyvinyl

8 enon colette grass geysers... carbon clouds touch and go

9 fatal flying guilloteens legion of serpents quantum fucking frenchkiss

9 boyracer he told you flickering b+w 555

9 baby control caballero best war ache

9 to kill a petty bourgeoisie very lovely the patron kranky

9 a place to bury strangers ocean a place to bury strangers killer pimp

9 the suicidal birds into the black versus life tocado

Artiste: boyracer
Album: flickering b+w
Label: 555

Artiste: baby control
Album: best war
Label: ache


Artiste: p.j. harvey
Album: the peel sessions 1991-2004
Label: island
Track(s): snake

Artiste: amp
Album: all of yesterday tomorrow
Label: rroopp
Track(s): left it (too late)

Artiste: psychic ills
Album: early violence
Label: the social registry
Track(s): killers

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