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  EMISSION DU 11/11/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 blood red shoes i wish i was someone better i wish i was someone better v2

1 hey lover i've got to get you home hey lover hovercraft

3 pre drool... epic fits skin graft

4 scout niblett kiss this fool can die now too pure

5 enon colette grass geysers ... carbon clouds touch and go

5 sleater-kinney sold out sleater-kinney chainsaw

6 sleater-kinney call the doctor call the doctor chainsaw

6 sleater-kinney dig me out dig me out matador

6 destroyalldreamers automne wish i was all flames where are my

6 naifu angel cake pieces of women puppy farm

8 the duke spirit lassoo ex-voto (ep) you are here

8 papier tigre no stars or clouds papier tigre effervescence

8 pre i met her in the bin epic fits skin graft

8 scout niblett your last chariot this fool can die now too pure

8 shannon wright don't you doubt me let in the light vicious circle

8 mono finlandia gone temporary residence limited

8 ill ease jersey-o-matic the exorcist too pure

8 stereo total komplex mit dem sex paris berlin disko b

8 fleeting joys got come back despondent transponder only forever

8 mono´kiri player in disguise surviving on dreams and casual kinky star

8 scout niblett hide and seek this fool can die now too pure

Artiste: pre
Album: epic fits
Label: skin graft

Artiste: scout niblett
Album: this fool can die now
Label: too pure


Artiste: sleater-kinney
Album: call the doctor
Label: chainsaw
Track(s): call the doctor

Artiste: sleater-kinney
Album: sleater-kinney
Label: chainsaw
Track(s): sold out

Artiste: sleater-kinney
Album: dig me out
Label: matador
Track(s): dig me out

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