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  EMISSION DU 18/03/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pelican sirius v/a: rhâââ lovely festival 2007 rhâââ lovely

1 mono´kiri crash surviving on dreams and casual kinky star

3 afrirampo afrirampo a very friendly

4 keiki else von hohenzollern .. 10 pieces .. puppy farm

5 mission of burma spider's web the obliterati matadore

5 neils children i hate models charge/return/success poptones

6 neils children something you said something perpetual vinyl junkie

6 neils children run before we can walk always the same ep soft city

6 shellac ghosts 1000 hurts professionnal touch and go

6 slint good morning, captain spiderland touch and go

8 shop assistants safety net v/a: cd86 (46 tracks from the birth of indie pop) sanctuary

8 bracken untitled track v/a: rhâââ lovely festival 2007 rhâââ lovely

8 a whisper in the noise through wounds we soon will stitch as the bluebird sings transdreamer

8 crippled black phoenix untitled track v/a: rhâââ lovely festival 2007 rhâââ lovely

8 k-branding cutting moment - autoproduction

8 part chimp hello bastards v/a: rhâââ lovely festival 2007 rhâââ lovely

8 afrirampo do do do do a very friendly

8 54 nude honeys drop the gun 54 nude honeys skydog international

8 mogwai terrific speech 2 zidane: a 21st century portrait (original soundtrack from the motion picture) pias

8 i´m being good last few days family snaps jonson family

8 el dinah swimming with sharks v/a: massacrés belges - volume 02 massacrés belges

9 afrirampo yuki-chan a very friendly

9 next exit to nowhere a very cheap doom pop - autoproduction

Artiste: afrirampo
Album: a
Label: very friendly


Artiste: neils children
Album: charge/return/success
Label: poptones
Track(s): i hate models

Artiste: neils children
Album: always the same ep
Label: soft city
Track(s): run before we can walk

Artiste: neils children
Album: something perpetual
Label: vinyl junkie
Track(s): something you said


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