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  EMISSION DU 06/08/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 blonde redhead luv machine in an expression of the inexpressible touch and go

1 bleach shotgun killing time musidisc

3 bodychoke whore five prostitutes freek

4 the moldy peaches who's got the crack moldy peaches (the) rough trade

5 cat on form a whip in one hand, gold in the other structure and fear southern

5 hungry ghosts reading your mail alone, alone smells like

6 jessica bailiff failing yesterday even in silence kranky

6 the appleseed cast an orange and a blue peregrine militia group

6 daisy chainsaw hope your dreams come true eleventeen one little indian

6 jesus lizard countless backs of sad losers down touch and go

8 elevate --- garden bronzee the flower shop

8 les savy fav the end the cat and the cobra french kiss

8 experimental aircraft electric surgery experimental aircraft devil in the woods

8 kepone ghost kepone quatersticks

8 a beautiful machine home home e.p. embryo

8 hardvark f-c-wendy-9-4 memory barge cargo

8 hirameka hi-fi no pictures a proud tradition of failure extreme sports armchair enthusiasts

8 beep beep the fluorescent lights business casual saddle creek

8 timonium crushed discs resist education pehr

8 reigning sound drowning too much guitar! in the red

8 salomé s118 a.m. dutch courage

9 fuckadies mayor explosion you're the bunny subversion

9 sleater-kinney stay where you are call the doctor chainsaw

9 hot snakes hi-lites audit in progress swami

9 the emerald down caught a wave scream the sound pop sound

9 archers of loaf backnash the speed of cattle alias

9 the fall free range code: selfish cog-sinister
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