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  EMISSION DU 22/01/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 miss alex white and the red orchestra cut in 3 parts miss alex white and the red orchestra in the red

1 lali puna past machine i thought i was over that - rare, remixed and b-sides morr

3 torpid kleerspoiler bulkhaul autoproduction

4 calla televised televise quatermass

5 deerhoof come see the duck green cosmos menlo park

5 milgram petit totem v/a: rhâââ lovely festival 2005 rhâââ lovely festival

6 the telescopes all the leaves # 4 antenna

6 modey lemon bucket of butterflies the curious city mute

6 modey lemon in another land the curious city mute

6 modey lemon red lights the curious city mute

8 shooting at unarmed men the pink ink soon there will be... too pure

8 elvis´ ghettoblaster doll elvis' ghettoblaster autoproduction

8 numbers beast life we're animals kill rock stars

8 old time relijun chemical factory 2012 k

8 torpid 2x2 bulkhaul autoproduction

8 amp yousay us very friendly

8 mute unµting tagawa muting

8 the antarcticans - (untitled track #2) the antarcticans the new black

8 the fall assume fall heads roll slogan

8 kate mosh do you like me? life is unfair sinnbuss

8 sometree notion moleskine pop-u-loud

8 afrirampo want you kore ga mayaku da tzadik

8 torpid wing bulkhaul autoproduction

9 cecilia::eyes one million whales echoes from the attic autoproduction

Artiste: torpid
Album: bulkhaul
Label: autoproduction


Artiste: modey lemon
Album: the curious city
Label: mute
Track(s): bucket of butterflies / in another land / red lights

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