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  EMISSION DU 07/04/2024

Artiste Track Album Label

1 batbait dry plant friend dry plant friend irascible

2 the pill bale of hay bale of hay autoproduction

3 drahla zig-zag angeltape captured tracks

4 mouthbreathe(r) knife after death knife after death autoproduction

5 somesurprises bodymind perseids doom trip

6 seven hour days hidden charm hidden charm autoproduction

7 shoun shoun we woke the monster we woke the monster autoproduction

8 threat models rollercoaster are lies one autoproduction

9 spraint mister pizdets no tape this time premature

10 bacchae cooler jack cooler talk get better

11 the drin tigers cage elude the torch feel it

12 the albinos bet you don´t the montana fatal blast

13 adult supervision burning telephones i remember your love letters you put in a floppy disk in 2007 autoproduction

14 kulk beyond gone it gets worse human worth

15 mouthbreathe(r) black parade knife after death autoproduction

16 drahla talking radiance angeltape captured tracks

17 ekko astral devorah pink balloons topshelf

18 sam jr. corpus christi to san antone inner shadow echodelick

19 the oscillation war on the mind the star of the end all time low

20 the hahas and the blablas bureaucracy bureaucracy jolly turtle

21 marcel wave barrow boys something looming feel it

22 joy dimmers sand and blood red will wrong speed

23 exitstatements tessellation exitstatements triple eye industries

24 facs voices maggot brain 020324 autoproduction

25 libbianski peak panic useless splendeur autoproduction

26 ghost patterns solid air solid air autoproduction

27 girls in synthesis deceit sublimation own it

28 mouthbreathe(r) a cheap move knife after death autoproduction

29 drahla concrete lily angeltape captured tracks

Artiste: mouthbreathe(r)
Album: knife after death
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: drahla
Album: angeltape
Label: captured tracks

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