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  EMISSION DU 10/12/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 snooper company car company car electric outlet

2 hoihoi mauri tu tahitahi leather jacket

3 hent definite spirit autoproduction

4 all structures align half in water cut the engines wrong speed

5 neon kittens schrodinger´s party animal schrodinger´s party animal metal postcard

6 ladycork little tits immaculate taste autoproduction

7 the god eaters finish my thought american country gold temporal

8 bufo alvarius she told me bufo alvarius autoproduction

9 shitnoise teachers good luck (welcome to hell) am studio

10 the spatulas psychic signal march chant post present medium

11 cigarettes for breakfast the sun join the circus (deluxe version) autoproduction

12 sam jr. yru yru echodelick

13 lost seed found trees debt, divorce & death you can only live in darkness autoproduction

14 lilac angel matte black batman i try human autoproduction

15 hent all these things spirit autoproduction

16 all structures align built to regret cut the engines wrong speed

17 bailter space newspaperman newspaperman autoproduction

18 future stories myth kill the business lights 75orless

19 moon goose 2023 ad murmurations fruits de mer

20 the telescopes (in the) hidden fields growing eyes becoming string fuzz club

21 snakes don´t belong in alaska hyper slap desert smoke echodelick

22 gaswar terrible day to have eyes girl vanishes on way to jive club rock is hell

23 low animal pending horror new nature autoproduction

24 modern stars bartleby termination little cloud

25 lila ehjä rust clivota croux

26 alarm rozowy tluka syf

27 imelda marcos dead concentrics agita already dead tapes

28 ode to space hassle bagarre à blankenberge future better jaune orange

29 jet lag gadget gadget autoproduction

30 hent terms and conditions spirit autoproduction

31 all structures align everything loose tied down cut the engines wrong speed

Artiste: hent
Album: spirit
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: all structures align
Album: cut the engines
Label: wrong speed

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