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  EMISSION DU 12/11/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 candid faces not like me telephonophabia warren

2 the 113 futility futility autoproduction

3 hit bargain hair trigger a dog a deer a seal get better

4 isoscope how do they know conclusive mess noisolution

5 outer world forms of knowing who does the music love? happy happy birthday to me

6 todas las anteriores calle falsa 123 uno! autoproduction

7 the anderson tapes something you wanted broken ep autoproduction

8 jock moving moving veta

9 neoplastic monday in heaven monday in heaven autoproduction

10 mr plague they can´t see they can´t see autoproduction

11 lofting down in the ground all that leaves crash symbols

12 zocat brainwasher d2 2 brainwasher demos autoproduction

13 wych elm wrot field crow black dog

14 grins landfill v/a: stolen kidneys / grins split suspected of arson

15 hit bargain cloud cover a dog a deer a seal get better

16 isoscope dreams ii (rem) conclusive mess noisolution

17 fine dwellings don´t talk, just be hot autoproduction

18 sherpa silt land of corals subsound

19 trigona titan´s gate titan´s gate echodelick

20 programmique remember what remember what b/w desire reiteration greenway

21 wet dip black friday smell of money feel it

22 the albinos believin´ believin´ / no love fatal blast

23 oopsy dazey right on queue oopsy dazey autoproduction

24 sweat red wave red wave autoproduction

25 decoration policy alleyways & chrome decoration policy autoproduction

26 ghostwoman juan hindsight is 50/50 full time hobby

27 speck das geisterschloss am strand eine gute reise tonzonen

28 noj no room cut to fit waxing moon static age musik

29 hit bargain small radius a dog a deer a seal get better

30 isoscope pain simulator conclusive mess noisolution

Artiste: hit bargain
Album: a dog a deer a seal
Label: get better

Artiste: isoscope
Album: conclusive mess
Label: noisolution

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