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  EMISSION DU 22/10/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 killing.la little pb killing.la autoproduction

2 malaclypse visenya visenya autoproduction

3 smile säge price of progress siluh

4 yoke rubies yoke rocket

5 den der hale the horse from turin pastoral light fat cat

6 patoja hair hair autoproduction

7 witching waves vessel streams and waterways specialist subject

8 sentries force snow as a metaphor for death autoproduction

9 dead senses strozzapreti dead senses already dead tapes

10 night court haunted house frater set ep dromedary

11 brandon dunlap & body of research car love & light astral research

12 mouse i wasn´t afraid of what was beautiful under the light of the air conditioner autoproduction

13 i dreamed i dream the bass why say a lot? autoproduction

14 slap rash this note is useless catherine special fire talk

15 smile commuter price of progress siluh

16 yoke kiln yoke rocket

17 tv cult white riot colony flight 13

18 landing awake awake b/w gravitational x vast arc hues

19 oneida halloween joyful noise halloween party, vol. 1. joyful noise

20 maruja one hand behind the devil one hand behind the devil autoproduction

21 john j. presley silhouettes chaos & calypso god unknown

22 sinews reanimated reanimated ep autoproduction

23 drunk meat silence lourd diagonale du vide a tant rêver du roi

24 makeshift art bar inertia inertia mab

25 kircher picking a scab kircher fisher king

26 yoke me-time yoke rocket

27 smile hungry ghosts price of progress siluh

28 sky furrows two hamlets reflects and oppose cardinal fuzz

Artiste: yoke
Album: yoke
Label: rocket

Artiste: smile
Album: price of progress
Label: siluh

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