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  EMISSION DU 14/05/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 swine tax annual leave (ft. bigfatbig) mercy autoproduction

2 crab crab athletic naked priest fresh crab autoproduction

3 trough meat cook crise de foie autoproduction

4 the tunnel shudder shudder learning curve

5 pockets of lollipops radio hearts it all e.p. hot soup four carrots antilectual

6 squitch not the end tumbledown mountain disposable america

7 wombo slab slab ep fire talk

8 lafff box u-bahn laff box turbo discos

9 bronko the logic of transcendence hoofprints autoproduction

10 naked lungs pressure doomscroll autoproduction

11 shiny times disappear you memory dumpster autoproduction

12 mission hill prove it!!! we know where you live rope bridge

13 uv-tv severed hand revisited v/a: illusion of choice - a girlsville benefit for feline rescue inc. girlsville

14 pagan athletes burner ii landlocked megalo tapes

15 the tunnel tungsten shudder learning curve

16 trough randy´s body crise de foie autoproduction

17 seer antoinette demo 2023 pinhead distro

18 memorials peacemaker music for film: women against the bomb the state51 conspiracy

19 destruction race unify unify / system just step sideways

20 smirk on crack 7" under the gun

21 kookabura chopra nightstore spot from outer space wagonmaniac

22 wave decay send me in visions autoproduction

23 graywave cycle cycle church road

24 dragnet faces around the accession polaks

25 fragile laugh/cry ...about going home twenty something

26 heir traffic digging digging marthouse

27 lifeguard 17-18 crowd can talk + dressed in trenches matador

28 ved wing beat frequencies if the door is opened, it´s opened from the outside kontra-musik

29 zwei null zwei suv (on fire) suv (on fire) // hate this feeling autoproduction

30 last rizla b52 noise without decay venerate industries

31 the tunnel racknid shudder learning curve

32 trough i could bourge in hope crise de foie autoproduction

Artiste: trough
Album: crise de foie
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: the tunnel
Album: shudder
Label: learning curve

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