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  EMISSION DU 02/04/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 private lives misfortune private lives feel it

2 dimes this is it this is it autoproduction

3 slunk amber of my mind pigtails autoproduction

4 carnivorous bells spotlight on a worm room above all human headstone

5 neon kittens motorphone side three ep metal postcard

6 parlor walls little palm little palm famous swords

7 low hummer connected connected dance to the radio

8 the tunnel deathray shudder learning curve

9 poser control strong tears poser control extreme ultimate

10 das kapitans tickle lungs autoproduction

11 flower church i lost moss autoproduction

12 strobobean kitchen kitchen autoproduction

13 cosmicdust q yaf e.p. autoproduction

14 dragnet strike the accession polaks

15 slunk the human pitch pigtails autoproduction

16 carnivorous bells perfectly still room above all human headstone

17 loins monument loins kaos control

18 tnhch & hilary galbreaith time is sad valda autoproduction

19 harpoons steeple chase tuber autoproduction

20 fold paper medical jargon medical jargon midwest debris

21 parking lot tough life my life is a mess phantom

22 blume all out of... inner vision autoproduction

23 snooper waste v/a: snooper / prions affair split autoproduction

24 squid pisser my tadpole legion my tadpole legion three one g

25 solar temple ii the great star above provides roadburn

26 carnivorous bells room above all room above all human headstone

27 slunk static attraction pigtails autoproduction

Artiste: slunk
Album: pigtails
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: carnivorous bells
Album: room above all
Label: human headstone

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