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  EMISSION DU 12/02/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 qinqs s.l.o.b. qinqs goodbye boozy

2 day residue careful day residue painter tapes

3 fake hands second chances fake hands autoproduction

4 kaery ann rust and love songs of grace and ruin anomic

5 drahla lip sync lip sync captured tracks

6 fotbal double why is this happening to you? korobushka

7 chalk static static dutch tilt

8 ssold honest living passionate horse autoproduction

9 thermostat palinopsia thermostat ep autoproduction

10 canned dream grandma´s funeral family maybe mars

11 eardrum delirium eardrum autoproduction

12 the jansen scream on thursday night observasi sinting autoproduction

13 machiavellian art let down indoctrination sounds riot season

14 bikini beach animal anger appetizer la tribu

15 fake hands in case of fire fake hands autoproduction

16 kaery ann acoustic rain songs of grace and ruin anomic

17 eosine plant healing plant healing jaune orange

18 fauxfun gin hound oswald autoproduction

19 glittering insects calcified time glittering insects total punk

20 jarry mutant first movement new methods of survival autoproduction

21 throw down bones optichrome three fuzz club

22 samantha jones unsere nacht unsere nacht noise merchant

23 consumer culture enlightened centrist v/a: poserwasher / consumer culture split sad cactus

24 neu!_and baader meinhof overdrive baader meinhof overdrive the gold force

25 helicon flume god intentions fuzz club

26 facs when you say still life in decay trouble in mind

27 cosse sinners gold it turns pale a tant rêver du roi

28 model/actriz amaranth dogsbody true panther

29 fake hands straight & narrow fake hands autoproduction

30 kaery ann storm songs of grace and ruin autoproduction

Artiste: kaery ann
Album: songs of grace and ruin
Label: anomic

Artiste: fake hands
Album: fake hands
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: kaery ann
Album: songs of grace and ruin
Label: autoproduction

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