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  EMISSION DU 01/01/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 die! die! die! losing sight, keep on kicking this is not an island anymore autoproduction

2 ex-gold all in we are good pig man

3 vintage crop the duke kibitzer upset the rhythm

4 tvivler maend der hader dyr kilogram fysisk format

5 still/form hydrate from the rot is a gift hex

6 gu vo bullit gu vo sentencia

7 blume feel it waves of love autoproduction

8 bunuel stocklock killers like us profound lore

9 punching swans family misfortunes gameshow skingasm

10 sheafs monotonal living a happy medium autoproduction

11 los llamarada i´m not you space and time el derumbe

12 venus twins return to dust raxis softseed music

13 crime of passing tender fixation crime of passing feel it

14 torpedo the fall orphea_nebula broken clover

15 rook ruis infinite empty dunk!

16 delivery good forever giving handshakes anti fade

17 batbait rock, alternative, zürich - quiet smile dirty clothes irascible music

18 wipes summer making friends hex

19 meat wave 10k malign hex big scary monsters

20 bedworm snail lagoon autoproduction

21 wah together out! out! out! let´s wah together dedstrange

22 nicfit boundary fuse upset the rhythm

23 horsegirl billy versions of modern performance matador

24 model citizen expiration date model citizen autoproduction

25 open head heaven spent, heaven sense joy, and other sufferings i´m into life

26 kevin yellow desert aftermath riot season

27 borrowed atlas grievances low hum this could prove fatal

28 shoun shoun stuck monsters & heroes autoproduction

29 cassels mr henderson coughs a gut feeling god unknown

30 can kicker untied at last can kicker drunken sailor

31 gloin oct we found this mothland

32 just mustard still heart under partisan

33 total wife pink and blue a blip warehaus

34 wailin storms the silver snake unfolds and swallows the black night whole the silver snake unfolds gilead media

35 catcher behind a bleeding heart the fat and a broken heart autoproduction

36 other half losing the whip soft action big scary monsters

37 ditz the warden the great regression alcopop!

38 crows the servant beware believers bad vibrations

39 girls in synthesis your prayers have changed the rest is distraction own it

40 kamikaze nurse pet meds stimuloso mint
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