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  EMISSION DU 18/12/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bikini beach king ueli appetizier la pochette surprise

2 spoolgun headmissile relief autoproduction

3 gaffer hang dead end beat drunken sailor

4 los llamarada space and time space and time registros el derrumbe

5 kaery ann blue eyes songs of grace and ruin autoproduction

6 she-dog i feel ok more drama autoproduction

7 ca/de/na the woods ep autoproduction

8 siren love songs self(ish) autoproduction

9 //less bad to the bone trauma autoproduction

10 ama say matria ero bomb bonberenea ekintzak

11 astrobrite streelight streetlight autoproduction

12 galore second moon blush paisley shirt

13 caution to decide to decide hardly art

14 mspaint acid acid convulse

15 gaffer rort dead end beat drunken sailor

16 los llamarada i forgot the ocean space and time registros el derrumbe

17 fashion tips cinema vérité fucking hell autoproduction

18 firefriend rainbow home or exile autoproduction

19 desert flower dust storm (feat. dongsoo kang) embrace flower barrack

20 stress palace forgive and forget stress palace the ghost is clear

21 galvanize future of what no way to sleep pogo

22 planet bit overtürer dürer krautasmagoria autoproduction

23 eieieio big artist man "gentlemen stop!" sad cactus

24 blood self improvement self improvement fire talk

25 unhealing wound race of hoovers typical melomaniac zlo

26 cut i ain´t got you dead city nights improved sequence

27 billy zach don´t belong a momentary bliss la pochette surprise

28 gaffer clean shirt dead end beat drunken sailor

29 los llamarada the information space and time registros el derrumbe

Artiste: gaffer
Album: dead end beat
Label: drunken sailor

Artiste: los llamarada
Album: space and time
Label: registros el derrumbe

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