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  EMISSION DU 30/06/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mavourneen bliss bliss tapetown

2 girl friday generation sick fashion conman hardly art

3 taciturn come, entertain us punk death autoproduction

4 princess thaïland give it up princess thaïland primary

5 bight blue blue autoproduction

6 run run run fireball hoon maybe mars

7 multicult grieflex simultaneity now learning curve

8 whores. flag day v/a: bash 17 amphetamine reptile

9 unbite hypnotic command unbite autoproduction

10 spectres stealed scene debridement autoproduction

11 dreamswell stale flowers spoiled autoproduction

12 oruã romã romã transfusão noise

13 dadar calendarize calendarize goodbye boozy

14 so tired chemistry so tired autoproduction

15 taciturn doesn´t matter punk death autoproduction

16 princess thaïland i can see princess thaïland primary

17 just friends and lovers shot her most criminal crimes cut surface

18 tuvalu could you pay me back planting bulbs autoproduction

19 mononegatives 5 second future 5 second future autoproduction

20 lysistrata mourn breathe in/out vicious circle

21 b boys pressure inside dudu captured tracks

22 flying fish cove no ending en garde jigsaw

23 jennifer stay awake brought to life fat cat

24 metz dry up automat sub pop

25 taciturn wretch punk death autoproduction

25 princess thaïland drone under princess thaïland primary

Artiste: taciturn
Album: punk death
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: princess thaïland
Album: princess thaïland
Label: primary

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