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  EMISSION DU 30/09/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 margaret the secret of your grace binary code autoproduction

2 constant mongrel living in excellence living in excellence la vida es un mus

3 deaf wish easy lithium zion sub pop

4 throat no hard shoulder bareback svart

5 exploded view come on honey obey sacred bones

6 satina saturnina annabellee clitoris goddess kato

7 governess decay zero sister polygon

7 crimen six weeks silent animals fuzz club

8 ogdens anxiety attack ogdens autoproduction

9 part chimp the saturn superstition iv rock action

10 piss shy gift of the gab v/a: harmacy / piss shy split autoproduction

11 li(f)e ø all my friends are blue autoproduction

12 slow crush drift aurora holy roar

13 deaf wish ox lithium zion sub pop

13 throat recut bareback svart

14 thee open sex white horses i white horses sophomore lounge

15 the callas with lee ranaldo trouble and desire trouble and desire dirty water

15 bikini beach i want to know your name vol.4 undressed

16 180db road trip road trip midnight feast

16 aphid daughters cosmic ollie burnt the salt autoproduction

16 roy montgomery landfall suffuse grapefruit

16 francky goes to pointe-à-pitre plaisir coupable plaisir coupable a tant rêver du roi

16 throat bone strike bareback svart

16 deaf wish deep blue cheated lithium zion sub pop

Artiste: deaf wish
Album: lithium zion
Label: sub pop

Artiste: throat
Album: bareback
Label: svart

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