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  EMISSION DU 09/09/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lower self damaged goods lower self autoproduction

2 flat worms melt the arms the apparition famous class

3 idles never fight a man with a perm joys as an act of resistance partisan

4 magic shoppe these boots are made for dying in parallel cardinal fuzz

5 tombstones in their eyes silhouette nothing here send me your head

6 an ocean of embers flashes of your first kiss (single edit) flashes of your first kiss ovvk

7 law boss teacher´s pet diminishing returns autoproduction

7 soft science there maps test pattern

8 soft science sooner maps test pattern

9 soft science slip maps test pattern

10 psychic lemon hey droog! frequency rhythm distortion delay tonzonen

11 lithics home mating surfaces kill rock stars

12 yak white male carnivore white male carnivore virgin emi

13 idles television joys as an act of resistance partisan

14 magic shoppe interstellar car crash in parallel cardinal fuzz

15 the oscillation truth in reverse monographic hands in the dark

16 lumerians shortwave fields transmalinnnia knitting factory

17 prettiest eyes gold snake pools castle face

18 demilich (within) the chamber of whispering eyes ...something inside the bowels of endlessness... pavement music

18 necrot shadows and light blood offerings tankcrimes

18 stoned jesus rituals of the sun the harvest nasoni

18 the glücks on the road barefoot sessions suck my goo

18 why the eye? plastique why the eye? plynt

18 le prince harry no brain it´s getting worse rockerill

18 idles rottweiller joys as an act of resistance partisan

18 magic shoppe fuckstrated in parallel cardinal fuzz

Artiste: magic shoppe
Album: in parallel
Label: cardinal fuzz

Artiste: idles
Album: joys as an act of resistance
Label: partisan


Artiste: soft science
Album: maps
Label: test pattern
Track(s): there / sooner / slip

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