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  EMISSION DU 01/07/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 uncontrollable urge pep talk uncontrollable urge schizophrenic

2 deap vally get gone get gone hundredup

3 lié better sex hounds mint

4 undone look around you everything is new under the sun meeting tent

5 exploded view raven raven obey sacred bones

6 hoaries night of the hi fives crudforms vol. 3 autoproduction

7 repairs dead cade walking repairs! the band! muzai

7 dorias baracca fed dorias baracca azure vista

8 dorias baracca shaky dreams (you and me forever) dorias baracca azure vista

9 dorias baracca wake me up (with a kiss) dorias baracca azure vista

10 needs walk, cycle or take transit like jehu needs file under: music

11 nopes immersion stapler magnetic eye

12 sewingneedle 234 user error already dead tapes

13 blizzard babies double goer missing time don giovanni

13 undone the strong song everything is new under the sun meeting tent

14 lié birthday party hounds mint

15 le villejuif underground c.c.c. le villejuif underground born bad

16 mugwump the mechanism drape subfield

17 electric)noise(machine second paper pardon black basset

17 shame dust on trial songs of praise dead oceans

17 preoccupations disarray new material flemish eye

17 scarlxrd hell is xn earth dxxm island

17 zeal & ardor you ain´t commi!ng back stranger fruit mvka music

17 ho99o9 sub-zero united states of horror toys have power

17 alt-j in cold blood relaxer infectious

17 equal idiots hippie man eagle castle bbq caroline

17 fidlar bad medicine too mom + pop

17 tshegue when you walk survivor ekler´o´shock

18 lié tame hounds mint

19 undone future is good everything is new under the sun meeting tent

Artiste: undone
Album: everything is new under the sun
Label: meeting tent

Artiste: lié
Album: hounds
Label: mint


Artiste: dorias baracca
Album: dorias baracca
Label: azure vista
Track(s): fed / shaky dreams (you and me forever) / wake me up (with a kiss)

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