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  EMISSION DU 13/05/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 nandas bellona ep ii toxic state

2 gloomsday facsimile anxiety, disbelief, wonder. autoproduction

3 hit bargain hell is real potential maximizer buzz

4 silver dapple intuables moody roots pink haze

5 whimm not my kind not my kind pleasence

6 melkbelly twin looking motherfucker nothing valley wax nine

7 protomartyr wheel of fortune consolation domino

7 castlebeat research vhs spirit goth

8 castlebeat i follow vhs spirit goth

9 castlebeat these days vhs spirit goth

10 bo gritz boiler tape sad tapes

11 print head my mind my mind autoproduction

12 the plainviews bladerunner a million different ways of saying nothing at all invisible llama music

13 medicine boy water girl water girl fuzz club

13 silver dapple pines moody roots pink haze

14 hit bargain architects potential maximizer buzz

15 zeus! san leather motomonotono three one g

15 valerian swing scilla aurora to lose la track

16 talibam! guns and butter ordination of the globetrotting conscripts azul discográfica

16 dirty primitives can you see mee? can you see me? autoproduction

16 rosetta je n´en connais pas la fin a determinism of morality translation loss

16 reverend beat-man i´m in your brain tale tailors #1: broken words with rhythm and poetry casbah

16 author & punisher doppler drone machines heart & crossbone

16 casual nun xiphoid revolution psychometric testing by... box

16 bruxa maria socially cleansed human condition extreme ultimate

16 hit bargain knavs potential maximizer buzz

16 silver dapple hallo moody roots pink haze

Artiste: hit bargain
Album: potential maximizer
Label: buzz

Artiste: silver dapple
Album: moody roots
Label: pink haze


Artiste: castlebeat
Album: vhs
Label: spirit goth
Track(s): research / i follow / these days

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