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  EMISSION DU 08/04/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mourn barcelona city tour sorpresa familia captured tracks

2 cannibal animal simply sinking a decline in morality warren

3 bambara doe-eyed girl shadow on everything wharf cat

4 facs others negative houses trouble in mind

5 routine death charm tooth parallel universes fuzz club

6 mokri the body that beats the body that beats sheep chase

7 double grave laetitia empty hands sad cactus

8 slurve dream crusher don´t f´n touch me autoproduction

9 black mold eternal preservation eternal preservation autoproduction

10 minami deutsch i´ve seen a u.f.o. with dim light guruguru brain

11 silver dapple vibration moody roots pink haze

12 megumi acorda aftershow unexpectedly autoproduction

13 glove monkey business monkey business autoproduction

13 heads. mannequin collider this charming man

14 bambara the door between her teeth shadow on everything wharf cat

15 facs primary negative houses trouble in mind

16 carla bozulich glass house quieter constellation

17 big|brave on the by and by and thereon au de la southern lord

18 the skull defekts slow storm the skull defekts thrill jockey

19 metz mr. plague strange peace sub pop

20 leavings making reality v/a: leavings / make more split autoproduction

21 monotrophy feldpath micas s.k.

21 bambara backyard shadow on everything wharf cat

22 facs exit like you negative houses trouble in mind

Artiste: facs
Album: negative houses
Label: trouble in mind

Artiste: bambara
Album: shadow on everything
Label: wharf cat

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