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  EMISSION DU 04/02/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 thurston moore mx liberty mx liberty blank editions

2 negative space - gestalt drunken sailor

3 sabrina is not in this chat poets sinitc1 autoproduction

4 living too late sad & charged shake old laws autoproduction

5 daysee you decide airbag autoproduction

6 fifi nono anybody but you anybody but you autoproduction

7 porno portal to florida narcissistic diva porno portal to florida autoproduction

8 clustersun raw nerve surfacing to breathe seahorse

9 clustersun lonely moon surfacing to breathe seahorse

10 clustersun don´t let the weight of your soul drag you down surface of breathe seahorse

11 high priests control spinning triple eye industries

11 tunic disappointment disappointment public tone

12 russian baths what´s your basement penance good eye

13 a place to bury strangers never coming back pinned dead oceans

13 living too late flawlessly yours shake old laws autoproduction

14 negative space open secret gestalt drunken sailor

15 punish yourself we shall be the new messiah cult movie season of mist

16 the varukers no spacegoat the punk singles 1981-1985 anagram

17 clan of xymox muscoviet musquito v/a: lonely is an eyesore 4ad

18 profanatica fuck the messiah the enemy of virtue hells headbangers

18 samsara blues experiment sad guru returns one with the universe electric magic

19 luminous bodies stay dead luminous bodies box

19 the eye of time a perfect world anti denovali

20 cannabis corpse disposal of the baggy tube of the resinated forcefield

20 negative space top 5 rooftop bars gestalt drunken sailor

20 living too late divided we´re tall shake old laws autoproduction

Artiste: living too late
Album: shake old laws
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: negative space
Album: gestalt
Label: drunken sailor


Artiste: clustersun
Album: surface of breathe
Label: seahorse
Track(s): don´t let the weight of your soul drag you down

Artiste: clustersun
Album: surfacing to breathe
Label: seahorse
Track(s): raw nerve / lonely moon

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