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  EMISSION DU 12/11/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 prettiest eyes don´t call pools castle face

2 shit rockets alpha male the brown tape le collectif semi-conscient

3 idylls no virility the barn black wire

4 violet nox dentscape nebula reverb worship

5 pencey sloe the deepest ride pencey sloe autoproduction

5 nouveau rue force tube fever glow sooper

6 naked baby night tripper night tripper autoproduction

6 le prince harry chat bot synthetic love rockerill

7 delacave gutbrain if i am overthinking talk about anything any damned teenage menopause

8 kodiak galaxy 14 days ep 1 autoproduction

9 kodiak galaxy wolves ep 1 autoproduction

9 kodiak galaxy i´m tired ep 1 autoproduction

9 duds signal, sign of a nature or degree castle face

9 ultrakelvin iii - hellzabomber v/a: qui / ultrakelvin antena krzyku

9 idylls on my chopping the barn black wire

10 violet nox black cat bone nebula reverb worship

11 agua viva cheap perfume piece of water don giovanni

11 nots anxious trend anxious trend famous glass

12 die! die! die! bit my lip charm. offensive. sounds of subterrania!

12 debate club it´s not love fish fry beko

13 fake indians little fucks kalash morons ep kinky star

14 thisquietarmy the harbinger democracy of dust midira

14 angel olsen special phases jagjaguwar

14 widowspeak harvest moon widowspeak captured tracks

14 undone the box knowing eva undu releases

14 fuzz orchestra born into this uccideteli tutti! dio riconoscerà i suoi woodworm

14 idylls muck and vulnerability the barn black wire

14 violet nox snow king nebula reverb worship

Artiste: idylls
Album: the barn
Label: black wire

Artiste: violet nox
Album: nebula
Label: reverb worship


Artiste: kodiak galaxy
Album: ep 1
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): 14 days / wolves / i´m tired

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